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Excel Eye Center - Saratoga Springs

1305 N. Commerce Drive, Suite 120
Saratoga Springs, Utah 84045


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First Ophthalmology Practice in Saratoga Springs

This location is particularly important as it is the very first ophthalmology practice in Saratoga Springs! Dr. Schmutz is a fellowship trained ophthalmologist in the field of glaucoma and specializes in the surgical treatment of glaucoma and cataract surgery. Dr. Yeates is a fellowship trained specialist in pediatric ophthalmology and adult strabismus, specializing in surgical treatment of amblyopia, strabismus, and other aspects of children’s eye care. Dr. Ricks is a comprehensive ophthalmologist trained in a wide variety of medical eye conditions and surgical procedures. Dr. Ricks specializes in cataract surgery as well as LASIK and PRK. Together, they will be offering comprehensive care for those in Saratoga Springs, Utah.

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Saratoga Springs