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At the Excel Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, we perform several procedures to make your skin healthier and younger-looking. We use lasers, ultrasound, and other cutting-edge treatment technology to improve your appearance quickly and with little or no pain.

Microdermabrasion is an advanced form of skin resurfacing which uses a spray of highly controlled crystals to loosen and remove the surface layers of dead skin cells to improve circulation and encourage the formation and growth of new skin.

Dermasound™ Plus
Dermasound™ Plus uses low frequency ultrasound to loosen and remove dead cells from the skin’s surface. The treatment gently restores the natural electrical charge to individual skin cells and produces tiny, temporary openings in skin tissue. The result is healthier, more beautiful skin.  This treatment is a great option for people with sensitive skin or rosacea.

Chemical Peel
Chemical Peel, the number one established cosmetic treatment today, involves the use of one or more chemicals, such as alpha hydroxy acid, beta hydroxy acid and trichloroacetic acid, to remove surface skin layers and encourage the growth and formation of new skin.

BLU-U® Blue Light Acne Treatment
BLU-U® Blue Light Acne Treatment is an effective alternative to treating acne with drugs or antibiotics. BLU-U® utilizes a special light that kills the acne-causing bacteria in the skin. Treatments are simple and take about 15 minutes. The treatments, which may continue for several weeks, are safe and painless, and can effectively control or clear up acne for long periods of time.

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