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LASIK Eye Surgery & PRK

Suffering from blurry vision is a challenge. Waking up to put on prescription eyeglasses or contacts, can interfere with a variety of life experiences. While these are great options for most of our patients, some want a long-term solution. If you’re tired of your vision holding you back, LASIK and PRK are wonderful options that will transform your life.

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Lasik Procedure

LASIK improves vision by reshaping the eye’s focusing element – the cornea. During the LASIK treatment, your surgeon creates a flap in your cornea that allows the laser to reshape the underlying layers of your cornea.

The creation of the flap and reshaping of the cornea repairs imperfections in the curvature of your eye that leads to distorted and blurry vision.

Many patients opt for LASIK because of its quick recovery time. Most LASIK patients can see clearly within 24-hours after surgery.

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PRK Procedure

PRK does not involve creating a flap. Instead, the outer layer of the cornea is gently removed, revealing the area to be treated. Like LASIK, the laser is used to reshape the underlying layers of the cornea, repairing imperfections in curvature that lead to distortion and blurry vision.

Following treatment, a bandage contact lens is placed over the cornea, allowing the cells to regenerate underneath.

Healing and recovery take longer with PRK because the tissue needs time to heal in and smooth over. Typically, full recovery can take up to 30 days.

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W. Scott Lohner, MD
Justin T. Wilkinson, MD
Joseph S. Schmutz, MD
Christopher J. Ricks, MD

Why Excel Eye Center?

Excel Eye doctors have been performing LASIK since 1997. We use the very latest technology and offer patients the most advanced laser approved by the FDA.

The eyecare professionals at Excel Eye Center highly recommend both LASIK and PRK. Working together, we’ll help to determine which Laser Vision Correction best fits your needs. Call to schedule your free LASIK screening today.

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