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LASIK/PRK Eye Surgery

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LASIK (Laser-Assisted Intrastromal Keratomileusis) improves vision by reshaping the eye’s focusing element — the cornea. The laser used for LASIK was first developed in the 1970s to etch delicate computer chips. The beam is precise enough to remove tissue from the eye that is thinner than a piece of human hair without causing damage to surrounding tissue.

Excel eye doctors have been using LASIK since 1995. We use the very latest in refractive technology. We currently offer patients VISX Star 4 with 3D ActiveTrak and iris registration — the most advanced laser approved by the FDA. VISX Star 4 provides pinpoint accuracy by automatically tracking the tiny motions of your eye in all three directions during the laser procedure.

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LASIK surgery takes fewer than 20 minutes from beginning to end. First, eye drops are administered to make the procedure virtually painless. A device is then placed over the eye to keep the eyelids open during the procedure. The surgeon then creates a protective corneal flap using IntraLase. When the eyes are perfectly aligned, the doctor engages a computer-controlled beam of cool laser light. The laser takes less than one minute per eye. It’s a fast, efficient, all-laser procedure.

You will be able to hear the laser, and your vision will be temporarily blurry, but you will not feel the laser working. Once the lasering is complete, the doctor will replace the corneal flap. Most patients experience improved vision as they walk back to the waiting room. Prescriptions typically stabilize within a few days or weeks after the surgery.  We use primarily use wave front guided LASIK, not just wave front optimize.

Healing after LASIK surgery usually happens very quickly. Most patients notice improved vision immediately — others can take up to a few days. Your eyes will be dry at first, and your doctor will give you prescription eye drops to keep them moist. You will then have a few routine visits with your doctor to evaluate your progress.

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