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Cosmetic Surgery

Excel Cosmetic Surgery Center has experienced doctors that provide a wide range of cosmetic treatments and cosmetic surgery services in Utah. Visit us at one of our three Utah cosmetic surgery centers for botox, eyelid surgery, acne treatments, and more. Note: some procedures may be carried out at an outpatient surgical facility or at a hospital. Dr. Engen consults with each patient to determine the best place for the cosmetic surgery to be performed and whether a local or general anesthetic will be used. Patients having a facelift usually spend three to five hours in surgery.

 Cosmetic Surgery Treatments

Our Utah cosmetic surgeon and his team offer today’s leading elective treatments to help you look and feel your best. Achieve a more youthful appearance, clear up stubborn acne, or remove unwanted hair. You’ll find newfound confidence through our cosmetic surgery treatments provided by Excel Eye Center’s award-winning team.

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The Remarkable Benefits of Cosmetic Surgery & Treatments

Cosmetic treatments may be focused on the outward appearance, but their effects can be life-changing when it comes to confidence, body image, and happiness.

Frustrations about your physical appearance are normal. In fact, it’s estimated over 90% of women are unhappy with their appearance. Everyone has features they dislike, whether it’s persistent acne, dull or uneven skin, unwanted body hair, fine lines, or droopy eyelids. Rather than letting these frustrations become fixations, cosmetic treatments target and correct the feature so you can feel more confident in your own skin. You deserve to feel beautiful; cosmetic treatments help you defy the statistics. These procedures safely eliminate the stubborn issues that may prevent you from loving the body you see in the mirror.

While many of the benefits of Utah cosmetic surgery treatments are mental or emotional, it’s important to remember there are also many health benefits to cosmetic surgery, too. Reduced skin irritation and pain, improved vision, and more are all incredible results that extend beyond the surface and improve the quality of life for many of our patients.

Cosmetic treatments go far beyond BOTOX and aren’t just for certain types of people; men or women of all ages and from all backgrounds can benefit from the truly life-changing impact cosmetic treatment can offer. No matter your motivation for seeking treatment, your desire to feel like a more confident, beautiful you is valid.

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Why You Should Trust Excel Cosmetic Surgery Center For Your Next Procedure

When it comes to cosmetic surgery in Utah, Excel Cosmetic Surgery Center offers expert, comfortable care that’s close to home.


The delicate nature of cosmetic treatments requires the skill of only the most capable medical team. Dr. Todd Engen, M.D., and Dr. Conley B. Call lead the Excel Cosmetic Surgery Center. Dr. Engen specializes in ophthalmic and facial plastic/reconstructive surgery, while Dr. Call specializes in oculofacial and reconstructive facial surgery. Both of our physicians are diplomates on the American Board of Ophthalmology, meaning they have completed rigorous requirements to become certified by a panel of leaders in the Ophthalmology field.

When it comes to highly delicate facial surgery, you can trust Dr. Engen and Dr. Call have the experience and knowledge to deliver beautiful, healthy results that enhance your natural appearance. For less invasive procedures, such as BOTOX treatments, hair removal treatments, and more, our nursing team is experienced in providing treatment with the highest level of precision and comfort.


The best cosmetic results begin with clear communication between the medical team and the patient. Our team always discusses your options and aesthetic goals before beginning any treatment; we make sure you feel informed and comfortable before we perform any procedure. At Excel Cosmetic Surgery Center, you’ll feel at ease before, during, and after your procedure because of our caring team and our reputation for happy, satisfied patients.


We’re proud to offer the highest level of cosmetic treatments with locations in Saratoga Springs, Spanish Fork, and Provo. Each facility is equipped to perform a range of cosmetic procedures and has a welcoming, calming environment that helps you relax and enjoy your visits. Our convenient locations make it easy to fit in quick BOTOX or acne treatment appointments. Or, for more advanced procedures, you can feel at ease knowing you don’t have to travel far from home for your procedure. If you’re ready to learn more about one of our treatments or want to book your next service, call our team today!