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5 Questions to Ask Before Cosmetic Surgery

// December 16, 2021

Committing to cosmetic surgery is a big decision. It’s common to have questions when it comes to understanding cosmetic procedures and how they can affect your physical appearance, which procedures are available, what to expect in terms of recovery, and how to seek out a qualified Provo cosmetic surgeon for an initial consultation.

Here are some helpful plastic surgery questions and answers from our cosmetic experts at Excel Eye Center.

What Do You Hope to Achieve Through Cosmetic Surgery?

Whatever physical attributes you aim to change via surgical procedure, it’s important to vet a cosmetic surgeon’s specific experience and proven results first to approximate the kind of outcome you’ll achieve. Speak with your doctor about what you hope to get out of cosmetic surgery — an experienced surgeon will have a portfolio of positive results with former patients, ideally of patients with a similar issue to you. Don’t be afraid to ask for examples of their previous work to get a better idea of what your results could be.


Cosmetic surgeon drawing lines on patient for cosmetic surgery

Always locate a surgeon who has extensive experience in the type of procedure you’re having performed. Laser hair removal and skin treatments, facial surgery, eyelid surgery, and liposuction all have different requirements and recovery times; a Provo cosmetic surgeon experienced in these specific procedures will know how best to prepare you for surgery and make you feel comfortable with the results.

How Much Will it Cost?

Because of the many different types of cosmetic surgeries, the price range can span anywhere from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. Costs largely depend on your specific surgeon, your location, and the level of cosmetic adjustment you want. Even if you’re insured, know that it can be tricky finding a health insurance plan that covers the expense — even in cases where the procedure might carry medical benefits. Follow-up care and costs associated with corrective procedures also aren’t usually covered.

While plastic surgery is no longer reserved for A-list movie stars, it is an expense that can require some budgeting and saving in order to receive the premium level care and recovery you deserve. Ask for a quote at your plastic surgery consultation to get a better idea of how to prepare for the financial responsibility of your procedure. 

What Risks Are Involved with Cosmetic Surgery?

Any time a surgery calls for general anesthesia or local sedation, there is a degree of risk involved. An experienced Provo cosmetic surgeon can discuss potential risks associated with your specific procedure beforehand and identify ways to mitigate risks when possible. While complications are rare, unwanted scarring, infection, nerve damage, and adverse reactions to the anesthesia can occur.

Patient asking cosmetic surgery questions to cosmetic surgeon.

Scarring is an extremely common concern since surgeries involve breaking the skin barrier. A well-trained surgeon can minimize the visibility of scars by hiding small incisions in strategic places where they can go largely unnoticed, and using special techniques to help them heal discreetly. Scars will also fade from raised red or pink abrasions to thin, skin-toned lines over time.

What Should I Wear to a Plastic Surgery Consultation and Procedure?

It’s natural to wonder how exactly a consultation will proceed when making plans for a cosmetic procedure. Fortunately, the logistics for both consultations and the day of your procedure are similar to other doctor visits you may have experienced. It’s best to dress in something comfortable that can be easily removed to help your surgeon understand the areas you’re hoping to address. Feel free to dress casually and in light layers to stay comfortable before and after your physical consultation or surgery.

How Long Will it Take to Recover?

Some cosmetic surgery procedures in Provo are more invasive than others. Eyelid surgery generally require one week of rest before returning to light activity. Brow lifts and facelift surgeries can take between 1-3 weeks. Your doctor will explain more details regarding each procedure’s recovery, and tailor these timetables specifically to your circumstances and current state of health.

Cosmetic surgeon examining patient face for cosmetic surgery.

Regardless of whether your surgery involves general anesthesia or sedation, it is recommended you have an escort to drive you home once you are discharged. Cosmetic surgery procedures require rest for optimal recovery. It’s wise to adjust slowly and, if you can, plan to request a few days to a couple of weeks off of work depending on your job’s physical demands.

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Speaking to a local Provo cosmetic surgeon can help clarify the details of your desired procedure and help you understand what the risks, costs, results, and recovery will look like for you. The experts at Excel Eye Center work with you to determine how to best achieve the look you want and know what to expect in preparation for your surgery. Feel free to book a consultation with us here to learn more!