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About Us

For over 100 years, Excel Eye Center has provided world-class, state-of-the-art healthcare to our patients in a kind, caring, courteous, efficient, and professional manner. Recognized by our patients and the medical community across the country, Excel Eye Center is the standard for eye care in Utah. Our long history of focusing on our patients helps us deliver exceptional eye care to each of our patients.

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History of Excel Eye Center

Excel Eye Center first opened its doors in 1917—over 100 years ago. Founded by Weston Oaks, Excel Eye Center was the first group medical practice of any specialty in the state of Utah. When we first opened, our practice treated multiple areas including eyes, ears, nose, and throat. (In fact, some of our earliest charts list treatments for tonsillitis and ear infections.) But starting in the 1930s our practice exclusively focused on eye treatments. Since then, we’ve had a long-standing history of providing world-class eye care throughout the state.

Areas of Specialty

Since our founding, Excel Eye Center has expanded its services to keep up with the latest technology and provide quality patient care. Our certified doctors offer a complete range of ophthalmologic and optometric services in our self-contained office. These services include:

Office Locations

Excel Eye Center has a number of locations throughout Utah County and Central Utah. Our office locations and satellite locations include:

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Cosmetic Surgery Locations

Excel Eye Center offers cosmetic surgery services at our Provo and Lehi locations. Our specialists offer a variety of cosmetic services including: