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Cosmetic Surgeries // December 20, 2023

Is There More to Cosmetic Surgery than Meets the Eye?

If you’re interested in cosmetic surgery in Utah, you should consider Excel Eye Center. While we are known for our world-class eye care, we also offer an extensive list of cosmetic surgeries. You are probably familiar with the more common surgeries we offer, such as facelifts, microdermabrasion, and chemical peels, but there’s much more available,…

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Cosmetic Surgeries // October 30, 2017

5 Simple Steps to Protect Skin in Winter

As the temperatures cool down and we move into the holiday season, it is natural for your skin to get dried out, start flaking, cracking, visibly irritated, and even for eczema to develop.

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Cosmetic Surgeries // August 14, 2017

New Excel Eye Center in Saratoga Springs!

On our 100th anniversary, we couldn’t be more pleased to be opening a new Excel Eye Center in Saratoga Springs, Utah!

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Cosmetic Surgeries // March 01, 2016

Glaucoma Symptoms: Silent Thief of Sight

You had no idea, no signs, no symptoms, and then suddenly, things went black.

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