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Utah Valley 360 Magazine Features Excel Eye Center

// April 24, 2019

Recently, Utah Valley 360 Magazine featured Excel Eye Center in an in-depth medical profile of our eye care facilities and practices. As one of the top eye health providers in Utah County, we are proud to have our name included among the list of other healthcare facilities in the area. But what made us even more excited was seeing one of our patients, Elaine C. Carter, tell her story.

Years ago, Elaine came to us when she noticed some clouding in her vision. Unfortunately for Elaine, her mother suffered from similar eyesight problems, was diagnosed with Glaucoma, and eventually lost most of her eyesight to glaucoma. However, because of her experience, she knew that she had to do something about her vision early on. She made a call to us and set up an appointment with Dr. Mason Schmutz, one of our glaucoma specialists.

Working with Dr. Schmutz, Elaine is carefully treating her glaucoma. Together, they are caring for her eyesight to keep the glaucoma symptoms to a minimum. It also helps that Elaine is careful and diligent with her eye care, giving Dr. Schmutz a call with any questions that come up.

All of our eye care providers understand what is needed to keep your vision healthy. In fact, two of our specialists were featured in Utah Valley 360 Magazine’s Top Doctors issue when their peers nominated them as the top medical professionals in the area.

Dr. Schmutz along with our ten other ophthalmologists and three optometrists are ready to treat a wide variety of issues including glaucoma, LASIK, cataracts, retinal disease, cornea & external disease, pediatric ophthalmology, comprehensive ophthalmology and optical, facial cosmetic surgery, facial rejuvenation, and more.

If you are experiencing cloudiness in your vision like Elaine or need to schedule your annual check-up, contact our specialists today. We offer options for serious medical emergencies to preventative treatments. Get in touch with us today to learn more about your new go-to eye care professional.