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Three Eye Care Tips to Age Gracefully

// July 14, 2023

Age takes its toll on our bodies and, while many associate age with wrinkles and gray hairs, age also affects our eyes. From vision quality and accuracy to the impact on the delicate skin and area around the eyes, it is important to stay ahead of your eye health as you age. The eye doctors at Excel Eye Center, which provides advanced eye care in Utah, offer the following tips for protecting and preserving your eyes as they age.

Excel Eye Center of Utah: Our Three Tips for Beautiful Eyes as You Age

Preserving your beautiful eyes is a three-fold mission:

  1. Protect Your Vision
  2. Preserve Your Youthful Look
  3. Make Healthy Choices

First, you need to protect your vision. This means attending regular eye exams and being aware of potential hazards to your vision, such as disease and injury. Second, you can preserve your youthful look both through natural, medical, and surgical approaches. Lastly, you can make healthy choices daily to increase the chances of graceful aging for your sight, your eyes, and your life. Read on for specific ways to help you age gracefully in these three categories.

Protect Your Vision

The most important thing you can do to protect your vision as you age is to schedule regular eye doctor appointments with an ophthalmologist or optometrist. Eyes are not immune to aging, and there are many common effects that come with aging, such as:

Other signs, such as increased tears or dry eyes, could be a sign of aging or a sign of something more serious. It is important to talk with your eye doctor about any changes or concerns with your health, eye health, and medications.
You are at an increased risk for certain eye diseases and conditions as you age. These risks also increase based on genetics and certain health factors such as high blood pressure and diabetes. These diseases and conditions include:

If you believe you are at risk for any of these conditions or have any questions about your eye care, talk to your doctor.

Preserve Your Youthful Look

You may be feeling older, but your face and eyes don’t have to show it! There are many ways to preserve your youthful look. The two most important ways that you can do so is:

You can protect yourself from the sun by wearing a sunhat, wearing sunglasses that protect against UV-A and UV-B light, and wearing sunscreen. Avoiding the hottest and brightest times of the day, along with UV index days, will also help by limiting sun exposure.
You can protect yourself from eye fatigue by taking frequent breaks from screens. Remember to blink frequently, keep larger screens at least two feet away from your eyes, and adjust lighting. Take a break every 15 minutes to let your eyes rest.
Even with prevention, some aging will happen around the eye area thanks to the natural pull of gravity. If you miss having tighter, brighter facial features, you may consider medical procedures to alter your look. Many of these procedures can be done at an outpatient facility, have a quick recovery time, and pose little risk to the patient. These procedures include:

Excel doctors

Make Healthy Choices

Making healthy life choices preserves the life and vitality of your eyes for years to come.

Stop Smoking

Current and former smokers have up to four times the risk of developing AMD than those who never smoked. AMD is the leading cause of blindness in the U.S. The risks remain high for years after quitting. Smoking has numerous detrimental health consequences for your eyes and aging.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

Being overweight or obese negatively affects your vision. The majority of studies find that overweight and obese people are more at risk of:

Maintaining a healthy weight decreases your risk of these diseases as you age and helps promote healthy eyes and skin.

Make Smart Nutrition Choices

Healthy eating promotes healthy vision. As you age, make sure that you maintain a healthy diet full of nurtition-packed foods like vegetables, lean meats, whole grains, and fruits. Limit added sugars, saturated fats, and sodium in your diet, and look for supplements that contain Vitamin E, Zinc, Beta-Carotene, and Lutein — four nutrients that research has shown to support eye health.

Excel Eye Center of Utah: Our #1 Tip for Graceful Aging

Our number one tip for graceful aging is to regularly see your eye care provider as you age. Everyone over age 50 should have a dilated eye exam every year or as recommended by your eye care professional, even if you have good vision and don’t wear contacts or glasses. Everyone over age 60 should get a dilated eye exam every year or two, and if you have health issues such as diabetes or high blood pressure, you should see your eye doctor at least once a year.
As you consider preventive care, screenings, and cosmetic procedures, make sure that you find the best care available. Our experts at Excel Eye Center in Utah are ready to answer any questions you have.
No matter the type of eye care you are looking for in Utah, turn to the experts at Excel Eye Center. Find your nearest location and book an appointment today!