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Excel Eye Center Wins 2021 Best of Utah Valley Award

// May 10, 2021

Excel Eye Center recently won the Best of State Award for Optometry/Ophthalmology and Plastic Surgery.

As the first group medical practice in Utah, we strive to deliver the best treatments to our patients. It is a tremendous honor to receive recognition for our efforts. You can read the full list of 2021 Best of Valley recipients on Utah Valley 360.

We also want to thank our patients for allowing us to be part of the Utah County community since 1917. Although the last year was tumultuous, our patients continue to trust us with their medical care. Their trust, along with an amazing staff of medical professionals, helped us move forward.

Our team is extremely appreciative of allowing us to be a part of your life, as well as a valued member of the Utah Valley community. Utah is part of the Excel Eye Center legacy. Not only did we start in Utah more than 104 years ago, but we have multiple locations throughout the state and more to come. These office locations include:

Every year, Utah Valley Magazine selects businesses to award Best of State using an exhaustive nomination process in early April. Then, a panel of more than 100 judges reviews each nominee based on their contribution to Utah Valley’s quality of life, creative business approach, and excellence in their industry.

After careful review, the panel selects which businesses represent the Best of Utah Valley. We are honored that Excel Eye Center is among the few who receive such recognition.

Along with recognizing businesses representing the Utah Valley lifestyle, The Best of Utah Valley awards also encourage organizations to improve their business practices. From state-of-the-art technology offerings to five-star customer service practices, companies who receive an award represent all of these and more.

The Best of State website explains that the awards were created to recognize excellence in the Utah community. The selection process inspires businesses to “reach a little higher, to try a little harder, and to work a little smarter.” We are grateful that the judges see our efforts and deem them worthy of such a high honor.

Since our founding, Excel Eye Center has grown from treating eyes, ears, nose, and throat to specializing in Optometry and Ophthalmology. Now, we focus on expanded medical treatments to offer our patients quality care with the latest technology available.

We will continue to find ways to not only help our customers look and feel their best but contribute to making Utah Valley the best it can be.

While we pride ourselves in providing top-of-the-line ophthalmologic and optometric services in our self-contained office, we can only attribute our success to our loyal customer base and amazing medical staff.

Not only do our patients push us to perform the best work possible, but they help us discover the medical treatments that would best help the Utah Valley community. We commit to providing a wide scope of our medical services and improving the quality of treatments we offer our patients.

Our eye treatment services include a complete range of ophthalmologic and optometric services, such as:

Again, we would like to thank you for trusting us with your eye care and cosmetic treatments. Your commitment to our medical center motivates us to keep going and improve our treatment options.

Our team also wants to congratulate all the other nominees and recipients for winning in their respective categories. We are grateful to be among such great companies in representing the Best of Utah Valley in Optometry/Ophthalmology and Plastic Surgery.