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Shopping for Your Next Pair of Glasses? 4 Things Not to Do

// November 09, 2022

Glasses are more than functional — they’re one of your most important and noticeable accessories, too. So, whether it’s time to replace an old pair or you’re picking out glasses for the very first time, here are a few tips to help make the process easier. Read through this list of four things not to do when choosing frames through your Utah eye doctor.

1. Don’t just go for what’s trendy.

Your Utah optometrist likely restocks their selection of glasses with plenty of trendy, modern styles so you have options when you shop. While a popular style or color may work well for you, don’t choose a pair just because it’s “in style” now — after all, styles change quickly! Make sure the shape, material, or tone complement your face. A pair of glasses that perfectly enhances your unique face, complexion, and personal style will look far better than a trendy pair that distracts from your appearance. For advice on how to choose the right shape for your face, keep reading!

2. Don’t pick a shape that doesn’t complement your face.

Before you head to your eye care center for new glasses, it’s important to know that certain frame styles complement certain face shapes. (If you’re someone who’s never considered the shape of your face, this article will enlighten you.) Once you know the shape of your face, look for frames that are known to complement your appearance:
Glasses for Round Face Shapes: Bold, straight lines and well-defined corners are features that work well with round faces. Look for wide, rectangular frames or frames with thick browlines. Cat-eye, geometric, or full-rimmed glasses are other great options for this face shape.
Glasses for Oval Face Shapes: Plenty of styles work well with oval faces. Our one tip: try to pick a frame that is as wide as your face at its widest point (usually around the cheekbones).
Glasses for Heart Face Shapes: Try to choose frames that are a bit wider than your forehead, to achieve a more balanced look. Rounded frames counteract the “pointiness” of a heart-shaped face’s chin, so try to choose a style with curved bottoms. For a stylish looks, try aviator styles or semi-rimless styles.
Glasses for Square Face Shapes: Add softness to a more angled face with frames that have plenty of curves. Just be sure to choose frames that are wider than the middle of your face. We recommend any style of round or oval glasses, especially minimal styles such as thin wire frames.
Glasses for Triangle Face Shapes: Go for frames that accentuate the top more than the bottom. This helps balance the triangle face’s wider jawline. Try rectangle glasses, semi-rimless glasses, cat-eye glasses, or other frame styles that play up a bold browline.
Glasses for Diamond Face Shapes: Lighter bottoms and thicker browlines perfectly also complement this face shape. Rounded shapes can also balance the sharper angles of a diamond-shaped face. Look for cat-eye, round, or oval glasses.
Of course, every face is unique. These guidelines are a helpful place to start, but the most important thing to look for is balance. When trying on different glasses, make sure the frames offer a visual balance for your face. Look out for shapes that feel too large, too small or too angular. And, don’t forget comfort. More on that below!

3. Don’t settle for an uncomfortable fit.

If you plan to wear your new pair regularly, they need to be as comfortable as possible both visually and physically. Pay attention to the weight of the frames: do they feel too heavy? Are the nose pads comfortable? Can you see clearly out of the frames or do the lenses feel too small? Do heavy rims block or distract your vision?
While your Utah optometrist will adjust the temple tips of your glasses to fit snugly around your ears, the front of the glasses will be largely unchanged after fitted with your prescription lenses. Make sure your satisfied with their comfort from the beginning, as any small annoyances will only become more noticeable the longer you wear them.

4. Don’t skimp on a pair you’ll wear everyday.

Finally, consider investing in your glasses if they’ll be a pair you plan on wearing most days. A well-made pair of glasses — with upgraded materials such as titanium frames — will last longer and stand up to more wear and tear over time. Also, consider upgrading your lenses if your Utah eye doctor offers it. The following are popular lens upgrades that can be well worth the additional cost in the long-run, depending on your lifestyle, activities, and more:
Anti-reflective coating: This treatment will help you see better and reduce eye strain by removing the light reflections that you or others would notice on your lenses.
Anti-fog coating: Face masks in 2020 and beyond taught many glasses-wearers the importance of anti-fog treatments for their lenses! This coating will keep your glasses fog-free so you can see more clearly in all conditions.
Photochromatic lenses: UV light from the sun can put considerable strain on your eyes. Most optometrists recommend wearing sunglasses when outdoors to reduce the harmful effects of UV light on your long-term vision, yet this can be difficult for people who wear glasses. However, photochromatic lenses are a unique upgrade that turn your glasses into adaptable sunglasses. Whenever UV light is present outside, the lenses will darken to block UV rays and make it easier to see in sunlight. Once inside or away from UV light, the lenses readjust.
Blue light blocker lenses: Did you know the average American spends 7 hours a day looking at a digital screen? Whether you work in front of a computer or just use your phone throughout the day, your screen time can be harmful to your vision. That’s because screens emit blue light, a type of light frequency that’s shown to have negative effects on health in large doses. Blue light blocker lenses protect your eyes from absorbing too much blue light and, most notably, can help improve your natural circadian rhythm to improve your quality of sleep each night.

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