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Dr. Engen & Dr. Parsons Named Top Doctors in Utah Valley

// May 15, 2019

Utah Valley 360 Magazine recently announced the “Top Ten Doctors of 2019,” and two of our doctors topped the list, Dr. Matthew R. Parsons, M.D., Ophthalmologist, and Dr. Todd B. Engen, M.D, Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon. While other medical centers can boast about their professional staff, us at Excel Eye Center can genuinely say that we have some of the best.

700 of their peers in the medical community were surveyed by Utah Valley Magazine 360 asking which professionals stood-out. Fortunately for us, Dr. Parsons and Dr. Engen are widely-regarded among the medical community as some of the best at what they do. And it shows.

Take a peek at some of the highlights of their features including their professional backgrounds and how they discovered their love for eye health.


Dr. Matthew R. Parsons, M.D., Ophthalmologist


“I think we’re all fascinated with our vision. It’s such a valuable sense for us as humans. We depend on our eyesight so much more than most other animal species,” he told Utah Valley Magazine 360.

In his 34-year career, Dr. Parsons has watched Excel Eye Center expand from three specialists to 11, with multiple locations throughout the valley. At the end of 2018, his career also took him to Mali on a humanitarian trip to perform surgeries and teach local doctors.

“There are all sorts of rewarding points in your career, but this was one of the highlights where I felt like I made a huge difference in someone’s life — to take them from not having any vision at all to be functioning well with their eyesight.”

“It always amazes me that patients are so trusting. I grew up in this community, and some of the patients have known me when I was a little brat. It’s humbling to see how patients place trust in me. That’s one of the more rewarding aspects of being involved in medicine.”


Dr. Todd B. Engen, M.D., Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon

Dr. Todd B. Engen is a pioneer. When he started practicing in Utah 20 years ago, he was the only oculofacial plastic surgeon in the county and often had to explain his specialty to other professionals. He splits his time between elective surgeries — like blepharoplasties, Botox and laser treatments — and functional surgeries— like post-trauma facial reconstruction.

“It’s been that way for years, and that’s the way I want to keep it,” Dr. Engen says. “I don’t want to go all one way or another. I like the balance.”

Today there are a few other doctors who also practice his specialty in Utah Valley, and Dr. Engen loves sharing the health community with them.

“Whenever someone comes into the office, we have a consultation. The interview process works both ways. Not only are they getting my opinion on what options they may benefit from, but also, I’m looking at them to decide if they are a patient, I feel like I can make happy. If not, it’s not going to be successful even if we have a successful surgery.”

Excel Eye Center

We are so proud of our doctors and humbled that they choose to work at our office. If you want to discover what makes these doctors the best in Utah Valley, schedule an appointment with us today.